What are the Possible Outcomes of Your Sexual Harassment Case?

Sexual harassment cases need to be handled sensitively because they can affect the life of a victim in an adverse manner.  After you have faced such a situation, you need to take action without giving any thought to it. The legal system should be aware of the abuser and his action. Unless you speak about it, no one will know how dangerous the person can be. You need the assistance of a San Antonio sexual harassment lawyer, who has experience and expertise in dealing with such cases. 

Has your employer fired you?

There have been instances when the employer fires the employee after she has refused to accept his terms or filed a lawsuit. This is an illegal action and he will have to pay for the compensation. You need to get in touch with a sexual harassment lawyer, who not only works to get you the job back but also helps you recover all your losses.  Depending on what you want to do with your case, a good lawyer will try to achieve the desired goal.

Filing the case against the abuser and the company

It has also been observed that the abuser may not be your boss but any staff member of the colleague. You might have filed a formal complaint with the officials already and they did not do anything about it. In such a case, you may want to sue the abuser as well as the company altogether. Apart from this, you are entitled to receive compensation if you can prove it in court. A good sexual harassment lawyer can help you get what you want and deserve.

Punishing the abuser

Sometimes, the situation gets so ugly that all you want is to punish the abuser. Your sexual harassment lawyer will be able to assist you and decide the relevant charges he can impose on the abuser. Any wrongdoer should be punished so that he does not harass any other and unless we stand up against such incidents, we cannot stop them.

Hostile working environment 

In many cases, your boss may create a hostile environment around you in which you don’t feel like working comfortably. A sexual harassment lawyer can tell you about your legal rights and options to get rid of this kind of problem. 

We all make society and it is our duty to keep it healthy for everyone. That’s why, we should support the victim the best way we can. 

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