How can a Divorce Lawyer Help you in Marital Rape cases?

Back in the day, marital rape was not considered a criminal offense. Rape laws did not consider spousal rape. Prosecuting a victim was not an option if the victim was married and raped by their spouse. But times have changed for good and raping an individual whether they are male or female and married or unmarried is a heinous crime. If you are married and in such a situation seek help from an Andover family law and divorce lawyer. A divorce lawyer will help free you from the marriage that you might have thought was made in heaven.  

In Filing a Divorce Case

When you will contact a divorce lawyer they will first help you in getting out of the situation and filing charges against your spouse. They will make you understand the legalities that are involved in the case. Being sexually assaulted can make you suffer from traumas and you might not be in a position where you can handle everything on your own. A lawyer dealing with such cases is professional and skilled in the paperwork that comes with legal cases. While you try and recover from the trauma, they will handle all the legalities.

Dealing with your Abuser

The lawyer will make sure that your abuser comes nowhere near you. They will request the court to issue an order which will state that the abuser will be punished if they try to come anywhere near the victim. If you find your abuser trying to make any contact with you or harassing you, call for help and talk to your lawyer. 

Negotiating with your Spouse

If you hire an experienced divorce lawyer, they will be excellent in negotiating skills. They will talk to your spouse and get any demands that you might have along with a mutual divorce. But if your partner is not ready for mutual divorce, the lawyer will represent your case in the courtroom and ensure that you get justice.

Ending Note

It is very unfortunate if you are in a situation where you are sexually exploited. While your lawyer is working on your behalf for the case and also supporting you emotionally, you also need to see a psychiatrist. In most rape cases the victim suffers from post-traumatic disorders that can ruin their mental and physical health. Seek help and be positive, every dark could have a silver lining. 

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