Car accident lawyers do more than you know: Here’s an overview

No matter how resilient you are, coping with the shock and immediate aftermath of a traffic accident won’t be easy. If you have sustained severe injuries, your health and recovery should be your priorities. Accidents and on-road mishaps frequently happen in New Mexico, and since this is a tort state, the victim is entitled to compensation. The party at fault is liable for your losses. The typical step is to file a third-party claim. The insurance company is expected to pay a fair settlement, which should cover your medical bills, lost wages, and other losses. However, that is unlikely to happen. 

You will need an accident lawyer on your side. Top law firms like Caruso Law Offices, P.C. offer free consultations for clients. In this post, we are sharing more about what an attorney can do for you. 

Investigating a car accident

The insurance company will gather information to evaluate your claim, but the team is not working for you. The claims adjuster will try to undermine your claim, and even if you have a valid case, they will try to deny the same. Your car accident lawyer can help find evidence and details to support your case, and based on the findings, they will negotiate with the claims adjuster. Lawyers know the tactics insurance companies usually use, and they will take an aggressive stance for a client when needed. Investigating an accident often requires personal injury lawyers to work with accident reconstruction experts, and at times, they also contact medical professionals to understand clients’ injuries better. 

Filing a lawsuit

Car accident cases don’t always end up in court. A trial is an expensive and more time-consuming option, not just for the victim but also for all parties involved. However, when a claim is denied, or the insurance company doesn’t want to make a fair offer, the lawyer may have to file a civil lawsuit. There is a deadline for such lawsuits. In New Mexico, the statute of limitations has set a three-year deadline for car accident lawsuits, and your attorney will work on the case accordingly, especially if they can sense that the case is unlikely to end with negotiation. 

Find a good lawyer who is adept at handling car accident lawsuits. Not all personal injury lawyers handle auto accident claims so often; therefore, your lawyer’s work profile has to be the right fit. It is wise to hire an attorney soon after the mishap.

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